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Consecutive interpreting presupposes that interpretation is made each time the speaker has completed a sentence or a phrase. This form of interpreting is used in conferences, negotiations, hearings, as well as in informal settings. Consecutive interpretation is rendered as short or long.

In short consecutive interpretation the interpreter relies on memory, each message segment being brief enough to memorize. Sentence-by-sentence interpreting requires less memorization and therefore lowers likelihood for omissions, it is used in rendering speeches, depositions, recorded statements, court witness testimony, and medical and job interviews.

In long consecutive interpretation the interpreter takes notes of the message to aid rendering long passages. Consecutively-interpreted speeches tend to be short since audiences don't like to sit through 15 minutes of speech they cannot understand.

These informal divisions are established with the client before the interpretation is effected, depending upon the subject, its complexity, and the purpose of the interpretation.

The basic rules we adhere to in consecutive interpreting are as follows

  • Written confirmation. Oral agreements on consecutive interpreting prices must be confirmed by the Moscow Interpreter Agency to the Customer's address in writing. Moscow Interpreter's contractual obligations are also considered to be effective only after the Customer has received a corresponding written confirmation of acceptance of such an order by the Moscow Interpreter translation Agency. A confirmation email will be sufficient in such cases.

  • Special terminology. We would like to guarantee the use of special terminology in a given consecutive interpretation so we expect the customer to submit a full glossary or translations previously performed on this topic to the Moscow Interpreter translation agency at the email address specified on the site 2-3 days at least before the start of the work.

  • Complaints. Moscow Interpreter must be notified of all the Customer's complaints about the quality of the consecutive interpreting within 2 calendar days from the date of the interpreting.

  • Invoices. Moscow Interpreter translation Agency invoices must be paid in full without deductions as soon as they are submitted.

  • Assign payment. Payment for these services can be assigned by the customer to the other party only with the written consent of Moscow Interpreter and then only if they are paid in full and on time with a clear indication of who made the payment, on which account and on which order. The customer has no right to withhold any part of the payment.

  • Force majeure. The customer cannot cancel or reduce the remuneration if the delay in the completion of the consecutive interpreting is caused by force majeure or other circumstances beyond the control of the Moscow Interpreter translation Agency.

  • Bypassing. The customer agrees to refrain from hiring or otherwise using Moscow Interpreter employees, bypassing Moscow Interpreter, for a period of 36 months after the completion of the collaboration with a specific employee.

  • Non-disclosure. Moscow Interpreter undertakes not to disclose the terms of its cooperation with the Customer in any case, unless this is required in full accordance with Russian law by the competent authorities. The customer undertakes not to disclose the terms of their cooperation with the Moscow Interpreter translation Agency .

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