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Services & Rates

Simultaneous interpreting:

Simultaneous (telephonic) interpreting iis a method of rendering the speaker's words as they are spoken. It involves a team of highly qualified interpreters using specialized electronic equipment, so that the audience may hear their interpreting in their headsets. Such interpreting is arranged primarily for international conferences, business meetings, presentations, guided tours, etc.

  • EUR 150-200 per hour for two interpreters. Depending on the subject and duration of the conference, interpretation can be made by one (if the event duration is up to 40-60 minutes) or two interpreters.
  • flat, negotiable fees for simultaneous interpreting for business meetings involving a limited number of participants. No specialized electronic equipment is used. Saves time and money.
Consecutive interpreting:

Consecutive interpreting presupposes that interpretation is made each time the speaker has completed a sentence or a phrase. This form of interpreting is used in conferences, negotiations, hearings, as well as in informal settings

  • EUR 220 = up to 4 hours inside Moscow, one interpreter;
  • EUR 55 – per every hour over 4 hours, inside Moscow, one interpreter; Written translation

    • Regular translation: Regular translation: EUR 0.08-$0.12 per word in a source page at a rate of 6 pages (1500-1600 words) per day, depending on text quality.
    • Rush translation: Rush translation: EUR 0.11-EUR 0.18 per word in a source page at a rate of 15-20 pages per day, depending on text quality.
    • Minimal charge: EUR 50.00.
    Notarized Translation: contracts, passports, marriage certificates, birth certificates, university diplomas and so on. Prices – mostly like written translation plus 16 EUR per one document notarization.

    Web page translation

    • See rates for written translation
    Cultural consulting

    • Free of charge (comes in a package with Interpreting Service)
    Business Development in Russia, including

    • Cultural consulting;
    • Advise on starting a business;
    • Compilation of industry survey;
    • Company information search;
    • Search for partners in Russia;
    • Search for investment opps.
    Flat fees can be negotiated for large projects.

    Our regular customers enjoy special rates.

    All prices, terms and conditions may be changed anytime without notice. Please contact us at sn @ 542-04-70.ru or at our phones to get updated information.

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Tel in Moscow, Russia 6am-5pm GMT Mon-Sun: +7 495 542-04-70 English / Russian;
Email: sn @542-04-70.ru (delete space before @); Skype us @ mosinterpret2
1/17 Trofimova ul., Moscow, 115432, Russia (call before visit)
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