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В Америке секс есть! Нам пишут, как любой мужчина, даже с самой невыразительной внешностью, может легко подцепить красивую женщину. Специально для популярнейшей в Америке ТВ-передачи Говарда Штерна была отобрана группа тотальнейших лохов, в ухо (?) каждому вставили наушник и отсняли скрытой камерой, как они по подсказке автора книги, имеющего возможность наблюдать за ними со стороны, сняли за вечер каждый по несколько (!) красивейших женщин...

Автор в свое время проинтервьюировал 2.000 красивых женщин (а вам слабо?) и, сопоставив полученные данные с тем, чему его обучили в двух американских колледжах, написал книгу (см.ниже). Кто заинтересовался, но не понимает по английски, должен либо воспользоваться нашим онлайновым словарем, либо заказать перевод по имейлу info@MoscowInterpreter.com. Анонимность заказа гарантируется, скидки на коллективные заявки.

PENTHOUSE MAGAZINE promoted the author, John Eagan, as a "Miracle Worker."

Penthouse Magazine's July '99 cover says "Getting Beautiful Girls - Self Styled Pick Up Guru Shares His 'Super Techniques.'" According to Penthouse Magazine, John Eagan had to take out an individual named "Bill." Penthouse described it as follows -(page 132) "John's got his work cut out for him with Bill who is in his 40's, balding, wears glasses and sports an ill advised goatee." Yet Penthouse goes on to say that Bill, using John Eagan's techniques, (page 133) "obtained 3 women's phone numbers that night."

On November 20th '99, John Eagan - author of the book "How To Pick Up Beautiful Women" - appeared as a guest on the Howard Stern Radio Show, CBS TV. According to Howard Stern, John Eagan was asked to go out with the E!crew and their hidden cameras to get dates for some of their interns. Howard said the interns were the ugliest guys he could find. John Eagan had to coach the interns with his techniques by speaking into the interns ear pieces. Using John Eagan's techniques, these interns got dates with beautiful girls. Howard said "This guy is no bull, I've seen him in action. He's the real deal."

Call for information call: 1-800-4-SECRET OR to receive more info by email click on link below. Mailto: john6231@excite.com

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If we told you that an extremely respected national publication as "MEN'S FITNESS MAGAZINE" published an article claiming they got dates with every beautiful woman they approached by using techniques from John Eagan's book, would that interest you? The over 260 page book called "How To 'Pick Up' Beautiful Women, Secrets Every Man Should Know" by John Eagan was rated NUMBER 1 by Men's Fitness Magazine after they field tested the top books on the market.

Men's Fitness Magazine decided to take on the challenge of employing the techniques of the top books on the market today. Their findings will astound you. "How to 'Pick up' Beautiful Women, Secrets Every Man Should Know" by John Eagan received the highest rating because his techniques got them dates with every beautiful woman they approached. No other book on the market came even close. Why waste your time with anything less than NUMBER 1.

The author, John Eagan has acquired two college degrees writes a popular sex and dating column for "Muslemag International" and hosts his own radio show. He has interviewed over 2000 beautiful women and incorporates that with the latest university studies on dating for this powerful book. He has also appeared on many national TV and radio shows. Would you like to find out why:

HOWARD STERN said "This guy is no bull, he's the real deal. I've seen him in action." "Wait until you see how amazing this guy is."

GERALDO RIVERA was quoted as saying, "This book can get men over their shyness."

ROLLING STONE MAG called John's techniques "genius."

DANNY BONADUCE said, "John Eagan is a genius, you could pick anyone up with this book."

SALLY JESSY RAPHAEL was quoted as calling the techniques "Perfect."

GORDON ELLIOTT told his audience, "Take this man's advice."

HARD COPY was quoted as saying, "This book can make women melt."

Imagine yourself dating a beautiful woman today. Why be left out in the cold - Join the millions of successful men who have already learned the secrets. If you would like to read the Men's Fitness article for yourself and the introduction to the book along with what other distinguished celebrities had to say about the book, simply call us anytime, 24 hours a day, at 1-800-4-SECRET. If you want a free copy of the Men's Fitness Magazine article which rated this book number 1, give us a call.

Call for information: 1-800-4-SECRET OR john6231@excite.com

The Book, "How To 'Pick Up' Beautiful Women..." by John Eagan can be ordered as follows:

PRICE: $14.95 plus $3.00 s/h (within the US). International orders available. You can order this book with a VISA, MasterCard or American Express by calling us at 1-800-4-SECRET and an operator would be happy to help you - 24 hours a day. OR you can send a check or money order made payable to: ~Secrets~ and send it to the following address:
P.O. Box 6312
Freehold, NJ 07728

We would then have a book shipped to you immediately. Delivery time is 7 - 14 days. If you would like to receive the book sooner - for an additional $2.00 s/h (US residents only), Priority Mail will have that book to you in approximately 3 - 5 days. ~30 day Money Back Guarantee ~

You can purchase this book directly from us (all orders shipped immediately) OR you can special order from amazon.com (which rates us as one of their top selling books), Barnes & Noble (Internet or bookstore), or Borders Books & Music.

Московский переводчик не является спонсором или агентом издателей и распространителей книги 'PICK UP' BEAUTIFUL WOMEN и представляет ее per se, т.е. как есть, просто для информации посетителей этого сайта. Мы не несем ответственности за содержание этой книги, за обязательcтва тех, кто предлагает ее купить, доставить ее вам по адресу и т.д.
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